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The VLC, Established In 1994…

Founded in 1994 by Michael Clemens, M.D. the Vein and Laser Clinic is one of Northern Virginia’s most experienced establishments in its field. As a medical clinic which provides primarily non-surgical cosmetic and non-cosmetic procedures we strive to provide our patients with the highest quality of treatment using the latest in medical technology, relying on Dr.Clemens’ vast experience to obtain the best possible results and all in a safe medical setting you can trust.

Dr.Clemens is one of the region’s most experienced Sclerotherapist and our clinic was one of the first in the United States to offer FDA approved permanent laser hair removal as well as scar-less laser tattoo removal. As a leader in his field Dr. Clemens closely follows the development of medical technology in order to provide his patients with the safest, most effective and painless modern treatments available.

In 2013 the practice was expanded, moving into a new space located in Tyson’s Corner, in Vienna, VA. We invite you to learn more about our procedures and to contact us with any questions you have or to schedule a free consultation.

doctor-clemens-sclerotherapist-phebologist-mdMichael Clemens, M.D. Phlebologist

Dr. Michael Clemens is the founder and main physician of the Vein and Laser Clinic. Dr. Clemens received his medical degree in 1981, and completed his residency in pediatric anesthesia in 1988. After years of working in a hospital setting Dr. Clemens decided to follow his passion and learn the art of vein removal. He received training from a well-known and highly experienced physician with over 25 years of experience in the treatment of non-surgical removal of varicose and spider veins. In 1994, Dr. Clemens decided to open his own clinic to practice sclerotherapy and laser hair removal. Today Dr. Clemens possesses over 20 years of experience in all areas of vein removal and has performed vein and laser hair removal treatments for tens of thousands of patients. As developments in medical laser technology have progressed, our practice has come to also include effective tattoo removal and laser skin clearing therapies. We have also expanded to offer other new and effective cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers, lip augmentation, and mole and wart removal.


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