Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal - Permanent with Minimal Discomfort

The Vein and Laser Clinic has been performing tattoo removal since the first effective tattoo removal lasers were introduced. We use the latest in medical tattoo-removal laser technology now featuring the Fotona QX Max, the modern standard for permanent laser tattoo removal. Schedule a consultation, call (703) 448-8818 or click here. There’s never any obligation and should you decide not to proceed with the treatment, there is no consultation fee. Get the treatment and experience you deserve at the The Vein And Laser Clinic.

The Fotona QX Max’s laser energy gently breaks down tattoo ink without damaging the surrounding skin. The treatment is performed on a out-patient basis with no patient down time. The number of treatments necessary to eliminate a tattoo is determined by age, size, colors, and depth of the tattoo and as well the patients complexion. Generally, full tattoo removal requires 6-10 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

A topical anesthetic is offered for all patients as tattoo removal is known to be somewhat uncomfortable. Following the treatment the treated area may become somewhat red and-or swollen and sore, this is normal and an ice pack may be applied to relieve symptoms. After the procedure, follow the doctor’s instructions and keep the area clean.

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How does the laser work?
The Fotona® QX Max™ laser removes tattoo ink by producing a specific wavelength that is absorbed by the skin. This process causes tattoo ink to break into tiny particles, enabling it to be removed by the body’s natural filtering systems – disappearing over time.

What types of tattoos can be removed?
The QX Max™ laser can permanently remove professional, amateur (homemade), traumatic, and surgical tattoos.

How many treatments will it take to remove a tattoo?
Professional tattoos require 6 to 10 outpatient treatments, while amateur tattoos may require a smaller number of treatments. The number of treatments also depends on the amount, type, and color of the ink used, as well as the depth of the ink in the skin and the overall size of the tattoo.

How frequent are treatments?
Treatments are approximately 4-6 weeks apart, allowing your body to properly break down the fragmented tattoo particles over time. Waiting longer than six weeks between treatments will not impact overall success.

How long does a treatment take?
The time to treat a tattoo varies, depending on the size of the tattoo as well as the number of colors. However, due to the revolutionary technologies with our Fotona® QX Max™ lasers, most procedures can only take a few minutes.

Does the laser remove colored tattoos?
Our newest QX Max™ laser by Fotona® can treat virtually all tattoo pigment colors in use today.

Is the process painful?
The Fotona® QX Max™ laser emits energy in very short pulses that feels similar to the snap of a small rubber band on the skin. A topical anesthetic cream is used for all patients to reduce any discomfort.

What type of post treatment care is necessary?
Post treatment care for laser tattoo removal is minimal – immediately after the treatment, an antibacterial ointment and a dressing may be applied.  The treated area may become somewhat red and-or swollen and sore, this is normal and an ice pack may be applied to relieve symptoms.  Your physician will provide any additional care instructions for the days following your treatment.

Will the Tattoo completely disappear?
Yes,  with the right number of treatments and time, nearly all tattoos can be completely eliminated.

How will the Tattoo look after Treatment?
The tattoo may whiten immediately after the treatment – this is normal. In the following minutes, the white color will fade and the tattoo may become somewhat swollen and red.  As the tattoo fades with subsequent treatments, the color tends to becomes uneven or spotty, eventually fading completely.

What are the Risks?
Laser Tattoo Removal is an FDA approved treatment. Our clinicians at the Vein and Laser Clinic are highly experienced and so risks are absolutely minimal – a temporary darkening of the area being treated has occurred though this would be extremely unusual.  The doctor will discuss your case with you allowing you time to ask questions and understand the treatment fully before deciding to proceed.



Call (703) 448-8818 or click here to schedule a consultation – there is no obligation.  Still have questions? Ask us or call (701) 448-8818 . Get the treatment and experience you deserve at the The Vein And Laser Clinic.

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