Mole Removal


The Vein and Laser Clinic has been performing scar-less removal of moles, warts, and skin tags for over ten years. There is no obligation when you schedule a consultation, call (703) 448-8818 or schedule online. Get the treatment and experience you deserve at the The Vein And Laser Clinic.

For scar-less mole, skin tag, and wart removal we use the Ellman surgitron radiosurgical device. During this simple out-patient procedure the mole is removed without the use of lasers or a scalpel. The procedure involves the production of radio waves which are used to cleanly eliminate the mole down to the level of the surrounding skin. This technique is generally more precise than laser mole removal which can result in excessive exposure of the surrounding skin to the laser energy. Also because there is no incision with a scalpel, scarring is minimized or eliminated – in radio-surgery the skin is vaporized instead of cut.

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What is ELLMAN® RadioFrequency surgery and how does it work?
The simple, outpatient RadioFrequency surgery process uses high-frequency energy to make cosmetically-enhancing incisions. Healing is rapid and discomfort minimal, with virtually little to no blood, bruising or swelling. The electrodes on the high frequency radio wave laser become hot and cauterize the tissue. The laser then transmits radio waves to the tissue and the absorption of radio waves “cuts” the tissue with minimal alteration to the surrounding cells. Cosmetic radio wave patients heal quickly and start enjoying results immediately.

What can ELLMAN® RadioFrequency surgery be used to treat?
Our simple ELLMAN® RadioFrequency surgery process is to treat patients who are dissatisfied with moles, raised lesions, skin tags, warts, and other skin surface irregularities.

How does the procedure work?
The mole or skin lesion is shaved off, and the wound is automatically “sealed” – bleeding is minimal and sutures are not necessary. Most skin lesions are benign – however we may provide the option to send a sample for laboratory examination to eliminate the possibility of cancer.

How many treatments will I need?
Only one visit is necessary for most procedures. Each procedure usually takes about 15 minutes.

What type of post treatment care is necessary?
The treated area may be covered by a protective dressing,  it may also be left uncovered. Over the course of the week following treatment, the area will heal naturally by forming a small scab which will eventually fall off to reveal new skin. We strongly advise our patients do not pick or scratch the area while it’s healing. Eventually the area will fade to match the color of the skin.

Are the results permanent?
Results are permanent. However, occasionally an individual over time can experience another similar skin irregularity. At which point, you may be treated again if necessary.


Work with one of the area’s most experienced radio-surgical physicians, the Vein And Laser Clinic founder Michael A. Clemens M.D.   Call (703) 448-8818 or click here to schedule a no-obligation consultation, or ask us a question here. Get the treatment and experience you deserve at the The Vein And Laser Clinic.

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