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Schedule a no-obligation consultation with the one of the area’s most experienced laser hair removal medical establishments. Call (703) 448-8818 or click here. There’s never any obligation and we offer the latest in medical laser technology featuring the LightSheer® Duet™ for safe, painless, effective, and speedier treatments. Get the experience and treatment you deserve at the The Vein And Laser Clinic.

We’ve been performing laser hair removal since the first effective medical hair-removal lasers were introduced. Dr. Michael A. Clemens, founder of The Vein and Laser Clinic, is one of the VA, MD, and DC metro area’s most experienced physicians in performing laser hair removal therapy.

Laser hair removal offers a gentle long-lasting solution to unwanted body hair. The energy emitted by lasers target the hair follicle, permanently disabling the follicle’s ability to grow.  We now feature painless hair removal with the LightSheer® Duet™. We also use a built-in cooling tip to protect the skin and to minimize discomfort even further. Patients may report a very mild sting at the site and may request the additional use of an anesthetic cream to eliminate any lingering sensation from the laser.

Most people need 3-6  treatments to achieve permanent results.  The length of the procedure depends on the area of the body to be treated – our newest hair removal laser, the LightSheer® Duet™, provides for procedures that take half the time they used to.  For example, underarms can take only 5 minutes per treatment session but larger area like the back or legs can take up to 30 minutes or more.  Laser hair removal requires no down time and patients can resume their normal activity immediately.

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What is laser hair removal?
Using a specific beam of light, laser hair removal is a process of permanently disabling hair follicles in order to reduce or eliminate unwanted hair.

How does laser hair removal work?
 Laser energy is applied to the surface of the skin by a medical professional, the energy from the beam is absorbed by the pigmented hair shaft of the unwanted hair and transferred to the surrounding follicle. The heat buildup caused by the absorption of energy in the hair itself causes follicular damage in order to inhibit hair growth by the follicle.

What does it feel like?
We now feature painless hair removal with the LightSheer® Duet™.  Some patients may report that the laser treatment tends to feel like a mild sting for a fraction of a second – however, new laser technology combined with the built-in ChillTip™ by Lumenis® and other cooling methods which may be utilized, patients rarely report any pain at all. Additionally, patients may opt for the application of a topical anesthetic  cream to eliminate any lingering sensation form the laser.

How many treatments are necessary?
Most patients receive about 5-7 treatments, each spaced 6 weeks apart for permanent results. This can vary based on the area being treated, skin complexion, and the type of hair – generally very fine hair require more treatments whereas coarser hair may require less treatments.

What will I look like after the treatment, and are there any risks?
While most patients report little to no adverse effects, your skin may become slightly red and sensitive, usually disappearing within 24 hours or less. The hair that has been removed will fall out in 1-2 weeks. Laser hair removal is FDA approved and the risk is very minimal.

What lasers do you use?
We only practice using the gold standard in proven laser technologies by Lumenis®, the LightSheer® Duet™. The latest technologies enable us to reduce treatment time up to 75% in comparison to prior laser technologies, as well as provide a painless treatment for our patients. Dr. Michael A. Clemens, founder of the Vein and Laser Clinic, was one of  the first doctors to obtain and use the LightSheer® in Virginia. Lasers are not for everyone, and their proper use requires great expertise. At The Vein and Laser Clinic we have the unparalleled experience and expertise that our patients have come to trust.

How long does each treatment take?
This depends on the size of the area being treated.  Due to the revolutionary new laser technologies in the LightSheer® Duet™ treatment times take 50-75% less time than previous lasers –  treating the upper lip can takes less than five minutes,  the bikini area takes about 15 minutes and larger area like the back and legs, may take  as little as 30 – 45 minutes.


Laser hair removal procedures that are half as long with a physician twice as experienced for the results you need. Get the experience and treatment you deserve at the The Vein And Laser Clinic. Call (703) 448-8818 or click here to schedule a no-obligation consultation, or ask a question.

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