Dark Spot, Pigment and Melasma Removal


The VLC has been performing laser removal of dark spots, pigmented lesions as well as melasma (Chloasma faciei) or “mask-of-pregnancy” reduction therapy since the first effective skin clearing lasers were introduced. Now featuring the Fotona@ QX MAX@, the new medical standard for the removal of age & sun spots (liver spots or lentigines), freckles, melasma or “mask-of-pregnancy’, and flat warts (seborrheic keratosis). Get the treatment and experience you deserve at The Vein And Laser Clinic, schedule a no-obligation consultation online or call us at ((703) 448 8818.

The Fotona QX MAX provides a safe, rapid, and effective treatment for the permanent removal of pigmented lesions and other skin discolorations – this includes freckles, sun or age spots, and most other dark spots on the body or face as well as skin discolorations caused by pregnancy, known as Melasma. A simple, non-invasive outpatient treatment which presents little to no discomfort and no down time for the patient allowing you to return to normal activities immediately. Treatments are usually under 15 minutes long per session, and permanent results can be achieved in as little as one treatment for lighter, more superficial pigmentation, or up to 10+ treatments for Melasma, also known as ‘mask of pregnancy’ or Chloasma faciei.

There’s no obligation when you meet with a clinician at The Vein and Laser Clinic to examine your case and learn about your treatment options. Schedule a consultation online or call (703) 448-8818. We’re also available to answer your questions online or at (703) 448-8818.

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